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With the commencing of 2020, Magento has rolled-out their newly refreshed version of Magento 2 it is a newer and more advanced update for both Magento Commerce and Magento Community Edition. This update has been available since the beginning of February 2020. It includes many new aspects, features, bug fixes, security patches and more ways to customise certain areas that are discussed below.

Superior PageBuilder

The first integration for PageBuilder has been published through an update almost one year ago in March 2019. This integration has seen impressive growth and popularity amongst Magento’s community as more and more business adopted this service to create and design new unique pages.

With the release of Magento 2.3.4, businesses that were previously using PageBuilder can now better manipulate how their products are displayed. The newer, more polished PageBuilder can now offer superior ways of sorting and more importantly, new innovative ways to show off products.

New Surprise Integration

It is common knowledge that many businesses that are based on Magento don’t have access to custom pictures and videos to uniquely tailor their front-stores. Some of them fully depend on standard resources gathered from third-party collections of assets.

The surprise of this update is by far the best announcement so far as a new integration with Adobe Stock right within Magento’s framework is now available to use for both Magento eCommerce as well as the Community Edition. This integration comes exclusively for Magento platforms as it is owned by Adobe since their acquirement back in 2018. This gives access to all Magento merchants that have already upgraded to Magento 2.3.4 a wide collection of millions of valuable assets ready to use straight from the admin panel, all of them being licensed through their individual Adobe ID. More about this integration can be read on Magento’s own forum.

Better ways to chat with your community

With Magento 2.3.4 being available, a new further polished version of Dotdigital Chat has been released as well. Since its first distribution through Magento Commerce 2.2.2, Dotdigital has gained considerable amounts of love as more companies decided to switch to Magento’s proprietary communication approach. Within this update, new options that enable a live chat system has been released. This functionality facilitates users and admins with a whole new interface that is able to exchange important documents such as images, videos, receipts as well as answer vital questions on the go.

Other Patches

The above chapters talk about functionality and other updates for different areas of Magento. Nevertheless, this update contains vital patches for its security layers for both platforms released by Magento; Commerce, as well as Community Edition. Those security patches are focused on fixing some of the newly discovered critical weaknesses and it’s definitely worth installing it for those that are not already on Magento 2.3.4.

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