Peak Body Nutrition: Limited Range Needn’t Prevent Massive Gains!

Peak Body Nutrition was founded in 1995 by John Citrone, one of Britains most famous body builders and his wife, Kim. Based in Washington, Tyne and Wear, Peak Body Nutrition create and sell their own brands of Fitness Supplements.

The challenge of selling only your own product, is that you can’t just pick up the phone and expand your lines to attract more customers. You have to work hard on building your own loyal base and finding niches.

When Peak Body came to us, they’d had a chain of agencies promise them increases in sales and when those sales didn’t come, the same excuses were trotted out: “Your range is too small”, “You need other, established brands”. That went against Peak Body’s business model, it isn’t what they want to do and any short term games could cause long-term harm by diluting their brands.

When we took on Peak Body there was a mishmash of campaigns across the whole range of products, with Peak Body’s high-quality margins are tight on some highly competitive products. We took steps to identify the highest margin products and focus on them and carve out a niche.

With the aim of Doubling sales over by December 2019, we have far exceeded the target and tripled sales in by August 2019, with those increases coming in high-margin areas. We project growth to continue and with a increased customer base we now can work on diversifying the sales to more products in the range.