Broken Motor: 0 to Business in 60 Days

Broken Motor didn’t even have a name when RAW Technologies with the owner, Kevin, about 30 days before his website was launched and he bought his first car. Kevin and RAW have worked together before so he was happy for us to brainstorm some names and logos, and that’s exactly what we did.

Concept images for broken motor

Broken Motor is a car, bike and van buying service which focuses primarily on unwanted, non-running and otherwise “broken” vehicles. Based in the North East it is growing before future planned expansion nationwide. Offering a simple process and collection services.

To bring the product to market as soon as possible, we built upon an existing code we had created for Kevin in a different project, this kept costs and time low. From there we updated the code and implemented the new design, which is responsive, so it works across a variety of devices.

Alongside the site launch we created AdWords campaigns, tailored to various brands, vehicles and demographics.

One of Broken Motor’s Google Advert

60 days on, the campaigns have grown and been expanded upon, the website has paid for itself.