Barber of Sheffield: Magento One to Magento (tat-)Two!

Barber of Sheffield is a long-established business based in Sheffield, England. Starting out as a medical engineering company over 40 years ago. Barber of Sheffield has, and continues, to expand into the veterinary, hospital, mortuary, funeral and tattoo & piercing markets.

With a host of brands and aspects to their business, including regionalised international websites, ecommerce is a crucial aspect of their business.

Barber of Sheffield approached RAW Technologies after an unsuccessful launch of one of their brand websites, an implementation of Magento had gone awry and the decision was taken to change partners and relaunch the website.

RAW Technologies remit was to get the stores launched as soon as possible while ensuring that the hosting platform would be able to grow with the business and its unique demands.

After investigation of the provided solution, it was quickly apparent that there were issues with the configuration of Magento and the hosting was unsuitable for the scale of website.

The first step was to ensure that a suitable platform was selected. By selecting a specialist Magento hosting partner you can be assured that the hardware and system configurations will reduce the number of avoidable outages.

The added layer of complexity was the multiple stores on the same hosting and even the same domain.